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11/04/2017: Even the journey of a thousand miles mus start with the first step

With just under three weeks to go before racing at Silverstone, our resident pest and Yamaha Past Masters racer decided it was time to start getting his bike ready. Everyone else had finished in February, so this isn't a bad time to start...

The first thing we noticed was that the rear disc was so warped that we could hardly push it around the workshop. His initial reaction was to suggest skimming, but with stainless discs, this isn't necessary as we demonstrated by reducing the run out on that disc from over 1mm to less than half a tenth, using nothing more sophisticated than a magnetic dial gauge and an adjustable spanner to gently ease the warped areas back into shape. The disc was then deglazed and the pads put back, total job time less than an hour.

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07/04/2017: Welcome aboard the Victory!

Meet our "new" Victory Jackpot with the Arlen Ness custom treatment. This piece of American iron turns heads wherever it goes, drawing in an audience from toddlers to sweet, silver haired old ladies.

You can use this pulling power in your promotions as the Victory is available for photo shoots and promotional work anywhere in the UK.

Distance no object

Wherever you are planning to hold your shoot or event, the Victory can be delivered in style, at a time to suit you.

Call us for a quote on this or any other specialist vehicle you may need to use in a promotion. Through our network, you can choose from custom bikes, sports bikes or anything from a 2CV to a bus.

Call the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email to tell us what we can do for you.

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07/08/2015: Our Honda Shadow 1100 is for sale

Our Honda Shadow 1100 is for sale. We have owned the bike since 2002. Prior to that it had lived in the dry, warm, salt free climate of California, so looks great with no corrosion anywhere.

The bike is MOT'd until July 2016 and has covered 30,500 miles, has been cared for and is in good standard condition.

We are asking 1800, collect from Hull, or may be able to deliver if you cover the costs. For any questions, or to come and take a look over the bike, call us on 07968 242839 or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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24/04/2015: Honda Silver Wing Bodywork Restoreed

This Honda Silver Wing had been in storage for a number of years and was looking quite sorry for itself. The customer wanted a bold colour scheme drawing inspiration from the Iron Man comic books.

The tank was taken back to bare metal and made good before priming and applying red/gold metallic paints and clear lacquer, while the plasics were made good, flatted down and painted to match.

There were a few cracks in the plastics and at some point the bike had been painted using inappropriate paint chemistry, which caused crazing that had to be removed before we could start work in earnest.

This customer dropped the bodywork into us and is going to refit it to the bike himself, but we are always flexible, so can work with the whole bike or just parts, to suit your restoration or repair needs.

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01/04/2015: RD 350R Race bodywork resurrected

The fairings from this Yamaha Past Masters class racing bike had definitely seen better days. The owner described them as being "One crash away from the bin" bhut we think he was just being kind.

Having survived numerous crashes, the panels were cracked, worn away scuffed and transparent in places.

Before starting, many of the old repairs had to be removed or ground away so that an effective fibre glass repair could be made from the inside to provide strength to support re-making on the outside before re-painting.

Being an old bike and not a popular model, buying a replacement fairing was not an option. The bike is a 1992 RD350YPVS, Brazilian model, of which few found their way to Britain, so aftermarket parts are scarce.

To keep this customer going for seasons to come, we made moulds from the fairing panels so can lay up new GRP fairings to make good his future crashes.

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